Sunday, 27 April 2014

1. First Contact

"May I help you sir?" asked the secretary.

"I hope so ma'am." said the visitor. "My name is John Smith and I’d like to speak to the Major."

Well Mr. Smith, you’ll need to schedule an appointment. What is this regarding?

I want to establish a farm/homeless shelter/soup kitchen in the City and I’d like to discuss the details of doing so with him.

You’ll need to talk to the City planning department first. The zoning here is very strict and you’ll not likely be able to do any of that.

So I figured. However, I have some special circumstances that I’d like to discuss with the Mayor first. So can I make an appointment to see him?

Are you a resident of this town?


Well, it would really be best if you go through the appropriate channels. You can go see the folks at the Planning Office down the hall.

Thanks, but I don’t think they’re in any position to give my special circumstances the consideration they need, so that’s why I’d like to start by discussing this with the Mayor.

I’m sorry Mr. Smith, but considering that you’re not a resident of this town, the Mayor cannot spare any of his time talking to you. We have channels for dealing with whatever issue you have and they start at the Planning Department.

Ok, ma'am. Thanks for your time and information. Oh yes... here's my card. Just in case the Mayor needs to talk to me. Have a nice day.

Ok Mr. Smith. You too.

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